Yandy Smith Really?


Yes I am absolutely Hatin on Yandy Smith for Hatin on Chrissy by asking Jim about his purchases of things (purses and what not for his girl) Out of line for that. Then for approaching Jim’s boy for work. Really Yandy? I’m Hatin on you honey. You dead wrong for that .

3 thoughts on “Yandy Smith Really?

  1. Allicat

    I’m hatin on Fandy’s (yes I said Fandy) fake eyes!!!! Really boo????? Color contacts are so 80’s give it up sistah!

  2. Sonja (@msflaire)

    Ok on Yandy, trying to act like you are the victim…hated it! Please, you are so messy. And who quits a job as a manager making the kind of cake you said you made with Jim, because of some petty bs with his girl? Everybody knows (Phaedra voice) business is business and the rest is bullish! So you let Chrissy win by taking bread from your mouth. I liked Yandy up until she grew stupid. You should listen to your mentor and stay out of folks personal business. Now you are out of a job and managing D-listers! Oops, did I say that?


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