About the Red Carpet Slave

Red carpet movie Premier "Think Like A Man"
The red carpet slave will take you behind the scenes to what happens the minute the talent finds out there is a Red Carpet occasion on the schedule.  You will be introduced to a world of stylists, designers, Red Carpet Celebrities, Managers, Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Publicists, and different red carpets around the world.  You will meet TV & Film producers, artists and find out how being Famous is a Life Style Not just a Trend!  Welcome to my world. The world of the Red Carpet Slave!

The Sexy and Talented Mari Morrow

Mickey  “MeMpHiTz” Wright Jr. on the Red Carpet

Draya Michele of VH1 Basketball Wives – Los Angeles

Jonell PR , Jamie Foster Brown, Demetria McKinney

Grey Goose Cherry Noir Event...Atlanta 2012 Monica & Shannon Brown ( Bacardi Branding Reps)

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